RUSSIA Much more than a country History, Architecture, Religion Art, Culture, society and much more Dentro del monsaterio de Sergiev Posad GOLDEN RING An architectural, historical and religious set of cities that gave birth to this great country Sergiev Posad, Vladimir, Suzdal... It is much more than a few excursions El kremlin de Kazan Kazan KAZAN Capital of the Tartars A place of coexistence of many religions A different and unique beauty El kremlin de Moscu MOSCOW If the weight of power would have a name this would be Moscow, the great Moscow and the Kremlin is just one of the symbols SAINT PETERSBURG The most European city in Russia The union of the old and the modern together Art and beauty of the palaces merge into one HISTORICAL EPOCH The Soviet Union or the USSR The cold war and the Communist / Socialist system Emblematic constructions of power and patriotism


Catedral de la virgen de Kazan en San Petersburgo
Pushkin city tour
Excursion de Peterhof


Travel to Russia
Russia is a very large beautiful and diverse country. There are many historical and exotic places. there are directions for all tastes. From the European Eastern Kaliningrad to Vladivostok, North of the Arctic Murmansk to the Caspian ancient city of Derbent. Each region has its own culture and religion. The spiritual color of the country gives a feeling of peace and freedom. Visit Russia is a must!
Moscow tour
We visited Moscow in June 2019 on a private trip. Our tour guide Mohd Bouzid was extremely good. He was very punctual and helpful. He helped me in planning the trip and arranging the train tickets from Moscow to St. Petersburg even before reaching Russia. He had very good knowledge of Soviet history and culture. He spoke good English and organized the tour according to our preferences. He also showed us some very good restaurants and his recommendations for Halal food were very helpful. He also helped in arranging our itinerary for St Petersburg along with an equally amazing and friendly guide Svetlana. I really think that our visit would’ve been not possible without his help. I would recommend him with full marks.

Dr Shakeel Ahmad Dubai
Rach culture, kind people.
Excursions in Russia can be very informative and interesting, becouse of long and reach of events history. Every historical building and piece of art holds its own history.
الف شكر
لم أتصور أن سفري إلى روسيا سيكون سهلا. احد اصدقائي اعطاني رقم هاتف المسؤول على تنظيم كل ما يتعلق للجولات في روسيا كاملة. اتصلت بهم ومنذ اللحظة الأولى اهتموا بكل التفاصيل. نظموا النقل و التسجيل في الفندق والجولات. الحقيقة تقال، هذه الوكالة تتوفر على أشخاص ذوي كفالة عاليه. الف شكر على كل الخدمات اللتي أحاطوا بها كل العائلة، من الصغير حتى الكبير. نصيحة لكل عربي يريد التمتع بالسفر إلى روسيا الاتصال بهذه الوكالة، ستوفر عليك وجع راس وتتمتع افضل في سفرك. الف شكر اخي محمد بوزيد على كل اللحظات الممتعة. نلتقي في كأس العالم ٢٠١٨.
Grande e bella come la città
Muoversi in metropolitana è comodissimo e allo stesso tempo stimolante. Ogni stazione diversa con elementi caratterizzanti e unici.

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For most travelers, traveling to Russia is a challenge that can become a nightmare, corroborated by the testimonies of our clients in our TipAdvisor profile, always the language, understanding and movement in this great country is a real difficult challenge.

That’s where the idea of ​​EXCURSIONS IN RUSSIA comes from, not as a traditional initiative that makes the trip to Russia just one more trip routine or boring, in our excursions in Moscow and St. Petersburg especially (given the influx of travelers to these two cities in particular although we cover all the Russian territory), is based on giving the traveler a unique experience, we get into the skin of the visitor so that he finds exactly what he has been looking for, this we achieve thanks to the personalized attention from the moment he contacts us until his trip to Russia ends.

It is not enough to say that we are guides, with every family, friend, group or person request our services we look for ways to make there feeling that it has been the best experience in life, that to achieve it is not enough to have a guide title but more than that you have to understand and adapt to every need.

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It is the main activity, dedicated to this task are people with great experience and character that makes being in your company results from the most pleasant and profitable. In our group of guides in Russia, adaptation to the ages is paramount, as we say we always know the time to start but never the time to finish.

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The visitor should not be afraid of how the arrival will come to this great country, our drivers are always attentive to each detail related to tasks at the airport or with the hotels. Vehicles of maximum quality and safety.
Travel to Russia to turn out to be one of the best experience you can have.
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