Volgograd city

Volgograd city

On the western bank of the Volga River is one of the most famous and largest cities in southern Russia. Throughout its existence, the city of Volgograd has changed its name and appearance many times.

About the City of Volgograd

It was called Tsaritsyn in imperial times, from a military town turned into a major industrial center.

During the time of the Soviet Union it was called Stalingrad, becomes part of the world history thanks to the invincibility of the human spirit. On July 17, 1942, the heroic defense of Stalingrad began, which went down in world history as one of the milestones of World War II. The battle ended on February 2, 1943 with the victory of the Soviet army, but the territory was left in ruins and totally devastated.

Today, Volgograd is a modern city that has emerged from the ruins, visiting its streets, museums and every corner, you will discover the most interesting pages of Russian history.

The city is an important scientific and industrial center of the country, moreover, it is called the port of the five seas, since the Volga-Don Canal connects the warm southern seas (Black, Azov and Caspian) with the cold Baltic and the North sea. Therefore, commercial and business activity is developing rapidly in the city.

What is interesting to see in the city of Volgograd?

In Volgograd, tourist infrastructure is constantly improving, given the interest shown by travelers in visiting it in the last decade, especially tourists are very interested in learning about the city’s rich history and picturesque location.

The city is especially beautiful and solemn during the May holidays, when mass celebrations and concerts are held on the Victory Day festivities.

The main attractions of the city are architectural monuments, sculptural compositions and museums related to the events of the Battle of Stalingrad. They are combined into a large memorial complex called “Battle of Stalingrad”, which has the status of a museum-reserve.

Also, there are many Orthodox Christian churches, monasteries and holy springs in Volgograd. They are of interest not only to pilgrims, but also to those who are interested in learning about the history, the nature and culture of the area.

Mamayev Kurgan

The old Mamayev Kurgan is a strategic hill that during the Great Patriotic War was the place where the most cruel and bloody battles were fought, the German troops never arrived to conquer this place.

In this place the monument of the motherland was erected, a monument that seemed to turn around in an invoking gesture. This monument is an expression of the strength and heroism of the Russian people, who knew how to defend their country and their freedom. Below is a large necropolis, where the remains of some 35,000 people who died in the terrible war against the nazis are buried.

The monument is one of the tallest statues in the world, it is even bigger than the Statue of Liberty in the United States and the statue of Christ in Rio de Janeiro. Thousands of people from different countries come to see it every year, it is possible to climb to the top of Mamayev Kurgan and enjoy a beautiful view of the river and the city.

Go camping

Volgograd is a southern city, therefore the weather here is warm most of the year, from May to October. Then it gradually gets colder, but even in the coldest month, February, the temperature rarely drops below -7°C.

In April, the warm weather returns. The hottest month is July, during this season the air temperature can rise to +40 °C. For this reason, there are many wonderful and well equipped beaches in Volgograd for visitors to enjoy.

The metro-tram

In Volgograd, you need to travel on a unique form of transport that has no analogues in Russia, the metro-tram. This high-speed tram runs along the line, which for a certain part of its route passes underground.

Traveling to Russia deserves a visit to the south, to Volgograd, a heroic city that survived the most difficult times, but managed to defend its freedom. Every corner of the city keeps a piece of history and culture, ready to share with the city’s guests.

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