Travel to Moscow

Travel to Moscow

There are thousands of reasons that justify why you should travel to Moscow; It is a city worthy of being the capital of the largest country in the world, which has the best of everything that can be found in Russia, and if something is not here, then from here you can reach any point in Russia by plane, train or bus.

How old is Moscow?

The history of Moscow dates back a long time, although the exact date of the founding of the city is unknown.

The first mention of the city is found in the Ipatiev Chronicle: on April 4, 1147, Prince Yuri Dolgoruky received his friends and allies in the city of Moskov; As of this conditional date, it is officially considered the beginning of the history of the capital, which in 2021 turned 875 years.

All roads lead to Moscow

People from all over the country flock to Moscow; seeking to develop careers, studies or personal life; and the destinies of millions of people intertwine in the great city.

Moscow has witnessed important events in history and continues to preserve the memory of them. There is an endless variety of architectural and historical monuments, picturesque parks, the most beautiful subway in the world, tall skyscrapers and a huge variety of shops.

They say that Moscow does not sleep, that people here work from morning to night, but have fun overnight. And in many ways this is true.

It is safe to walk on the street even late into the night, and passersby will always respond to a request from a tourist asking for help with directions in search of an address or to grapple with a map.

Gastronomic proposals

Both guests of the capital and its residents love spending time in restaurants. Restaurant’s in Moscow is mainly divided into 3 types: fast food restaurants, mid-priced establishments and elite haute cuisine establishments.

In recent years, the “St. Petersburg” format has been gaining popularity: beautiful interiors, signature cuisine, and above-average prices.

In Moscow, you will find cuisine for all tastes: from European to Asian.

It should be noted that restaurant menus often include several culinary traditions at once. In addition, there are many restaurants with exclusive signature cuisine.

Just in case, we propose a list of traditional Russian dishes that you must try when travel to Moscow:

  1. Cold pork (aspic) boiled and balyk;
  2. Red, black and eggplant caviar;
  3. Salted mushrooms and salted cabbage;
  4. Salads: vinaigrette, Russian salad, “Herring under a fur coat”;
  5. Hot borsch with sour cream;
  6. Lobster neck soup and fish cake;
  7. Rich stewed cabbage soup (Special for cold winters);
  8. Okroshka salad with kvass or kefir (Special for summer);
  9. Pelmeni with meat or vegetables.

Infrastructures in Moscow

Moscow in 2021 has been awarded as the best city in the world in terms of infrastructure, we highlight:

The visitor when travel to Moscow does not have to worry about accommodation, there are hotels in Moscow for all tastes; choose from a reputable hotel chain or opt for a small, exclusive hotel.

The famous Moscow metro is the pride of Russians; it’s affordable, reliable, and the fastest way to get around town; it is famous for its history and architecture, mosaics, stained glass and sculptures. Each season is unique; Take the metro and you will have a fantastic tour and learn a lot of interesting information.

In summer, you can take a trip down the Moskva River on beautiful cruises and admire the city from a different angle.

Internet access, the wireless Internet network covers public places (hotels, restaurants, shopping centers) and the subway.

Moscow airports meet the highest international standards, have a highly developed infrastructure, information terminals, a modern passenger check-in system, and comfortable lounges. In all terminals the traveler will find cafes, restaurants, shops, pharmacies and more.

Finally, you must travel to Moscow

There are so many interesting places in Moscow that no one will be able to visit and explore in a couple of days; But with a local guide and a well-designed tourist itinerary, you can get the best experience.

Of course, one of the most famous and visited points in Moscow is Red Square and the Kremlin, but there are many more places that deserve attention.

By requesting a tour from a reliable travel company, you can be sure that every day in the capital of Russia will be filled with unique experiences, interesting information, and unexpected discoveries.

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