Russian Santa Claus

Russian Santa Claus (Ded Moroz)

Do you want to meet the Russian Santa Claus? Let’s go on a trip to Veliky Ustyug!

Why is the city so interesting?

Veliky Ustyug is an interesting place on the tourist map of Russia. Many travelers visit this ancient city, including foreigners who want to learn more about the history and culture of the country, we are talking mainly about the town or residence of the grandfather of the cold; (As can be translated from Russian: Ded Moroz); It is of interest, although in summer there are also many interesting things to see and discover.

The city has many buildings that have witnessed bygone eras, the entire city center is museum-reserve territory, which helps to preserve the authentic look of the city. Also, there are many Orthodox Christian churches that deserve attention.

What’s to try at Veliky Ustyug?

Due to the peculiarities of the climate, grain crops grow poorly in this region, there is almost no raising of livestock, therefore, in the past, the inhabitants of Veliky Ustyug rarely ate bread and meat. But northern Russia has always been famous for its different types of fish. The most famous dishes you can try here are the Pomorskaya fish soup, the Rybniki (cakes filled with various types of river fish), the cod cake with potatoes “Siyskaya Trapeza”, which is baked in its own juice. . Berry Wine Sauces and Spicy Berry Herb & Spice Jelly are also made from berries.

What to bring from Veliky Ustyug?

A good gift from Veliky Ustyug will be natural berry jams, aromatic infusions of local herbs, warm socks and gloves made of sheep’s wool, as well as handmade wooden products.

Home of Russian Santa Claus (Ded Moroz)

So, we come to the most important thing: the House of Ded Moroz. Someone goes to Lapland to visit Santa Claus, but few know that there is also a similar place in Russia.

In this visit to the house of Russian Santa Claus you will see:
  • House of Ded Moroz, children and adults will be able to take beautiful photos with him.
  • There are many rooms inside, each of which has its own purpose.
  • Walk the path of fairy tales, participating in contests along the way.
  • Learn about the history of forging smithing and follow the hand forging process with your own eyes.
  • Visit the Russian Santa Claus post office where the children’s letters arrive and find out how many letters have been received.
  • Anyone can send their family and friends postcards stamped with the fairy tale mail brand.
  • Admire the ice sculptures on the Santa Claus Glacier Here the temperature remains at -15 ° C throughout the year.
  • You will find yourself in a warm flower garden in the middle of winter and watch the exotic fruits grow as if by magic.
  • Interact with animals and birds at the zoo, including hares, squirrels, wolves, elk, deer, and the lynx family.
  • You can also test your bravery in the rope park, a very good option for fun and adrenaline

Well, at the residence of Russian Santa Claus you can play with snowballs, ride snow slides, stroll through the trees and ride horses. There is a hotel complex and a cafe on the territory, so you can spend several days there without going out.

By last

This ancient and beautiful city certainly deserves a special travel plan and a visit to enjoy magic in its purest form.

Every tourist traveling in Russia who wants to get to know it more should focus their attention on small and picturesque cities in which the authentic Russian culture is still preserved.

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