How about the general situation in Russia

The general situation in Russia

How about the general situation in Russia? Is it true that there is war? Is it true that there are problems with the pandemic? We give the answer to these and many questions by looking at the news that comes out in the Western media’s.

Example to understand the reason for this Post / News.

A few days ago tourists arrived from the British capital London to enjoy the Russian winter, but at first they had their hearts in their hands as they say. They were so worried about the situation in Russia that they had doubts whether to travel to Moscow or not.

Much ado About Nothing:

First theme: NATO hysteria:

In the western media (those of fake news):

Whoever observes the news in the European or American media will get the impression that the country is in a state of total alert and about to enter into some warlike adventure.

There is so much talk of Russian army contingents on the western borders and occupation of Kazakhstan as if they were parts of a soap opera.

How about reality?

You arrive to Russia and people live the same way they did one, two or three years ago, oblivious to politics and oblivious to the noise of the big corporations that control NATO and the leaders of the European Union.

Something surprises you even more that the Russians treat the Ukrainians as brothers, work together and live together in harmony.

Children go to school and teenagers to university and there is no concern or excessive interest in Western propaganda on social media’s or television channels.


Tourists who travel to Russia will find a country with an infrastructure of the highest standards and a population that welcomes them with a smile and kindness.

All businesses are operating as normal to serve all the needs of locals and travelers.

If Russia moves soldiers in its TERRITORY, what is wrong with it apart from being used by large arms corporations to sell their products to NATO members, because if they have money left over for it, which they continue to do, the Russian people will not get in a panic.

Second topic: Beware, COVID-19 is sweeping Russia:

100% of the tourists that we have received in this last year 2021 were surprised with the state of health in the Eurasian country, comparing the statistics that come from the European Union for example.

Russia can pride itself on having the situation under control without having to lockdown the country or block the population’s access to the services that affect them every day.

The vaccination of the population continues its rhythm; although Russians traditionally resist being inoculated, little by little they are covering a large part of the population in the largest country in the world; task that is not easy but not impossible.

Third theme: The absurd is sometimes worse than a joke:

They came out in the British media for example; warnings that bears and wild dogs roam Russian streets, that there are street fights in broad daylight and alcoholics on city streets; and let’s not talk about the alleged news that Russians hit homosexuals or people of other ethnic groups. We summarize all these words in one: ABSURD.

Russia today is one of the safest countries in the world; with laws focused on protecting the population and wildlife; so:

  • The bears are in their mountains
  • Dogs in their owners’ houses or shelters
  • The boxing grids are in the sports halls.

In Tours in Russia we have had; and we always have; many clients of all sexual orientations and never felt threatened or treated differently.

What do we recommend to those who want to travel to Russia?

Do not believe what you see in the news or social media’s; 90% or more is focused on achieving political or financial goals of a social class that, after all, only seeks personal interest.

Travel and enjoy life, come and enjoy Russia with us.

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