Moscow best destination 2021

Moscow Voted Best Destination 2021 to See Historical Heritage and Best City for Getaways

Congratulations, Moscow best destination 2021; did it again; after winning several aspects related to infrastructures and security among many aspects; this year 2021 it was chosen the best destination to contemplate historical heritage and the best city for getaways.

It is quite an achievement to won these awards front of cities with great advertising reach such as Athens, Geneva, Dubai, London, Paris, Prague and Vienna.

To see more details about these awards, we invite you to visit the world travel awards website in the different categories that Moscow was awarded:

World’s Leading Heritage City Destination 2021

World’s Leading City Break Destination 2021

World’s Leading Collaborative Promotion of Domestic Tourism 2021

Other awards that the city of Moscow won

It is not surprising to us that Russia is changing the shape and vision of the tourism sector, among the most difficult missions that had to face the fake news that crossed out everything related to travel to Russia with degrading myths. Today Russia offers real tourism based on historical, social and entertainment attractions.

For us in “Tours in Russia”; We try to make our visitors see the real Russia and the result is always a love of everything they see.

Why Moscow was the best destination in 2021?

Among many reasons; such as infrastructure in airports and cities, the high level of preparation of services in hotels and public places…; In the current situation that we live in and that is full of uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Russia has taken giant steps in the control and fight against the pandemic, in addition to opening its borders in an escalated way and allowing travelers from many countries to enter without requiring long quarantines as long as travelers meet all the conditions of infections prevention related to COVID-19.

You cannot miss visiting Moscow best destination 2021, contact us and we will tell you more.

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