FITUR fair in Madrid

FITUR fair in Madrid has sent messages of hope

From January 19 to 23, and like every year, the annual FITUR tourism fair in Madrid was held. This year the celebration has had a special flavor, an atmosphere and airs full of hope that from this spring tourism will begin to return to normal.

How was the FITUR fair in Madrid

Given the circumstances, and because of the pandemic, only our representative in Spain, Javier Alvarado, attended the FITUR fair to take a pulse on the health of the tourism sector in general.

At the FITUR fair in Madrid, there was a certain optimism regarding the prospects for the new season, with most attendees expressing a positive view and figures that are close to pre-pandemic numbers.

Conditions for improvements for tourism in Russia

100% of the attendees agree that for a faster recovery of the tourism sector, it is necessary to return to normality, travel as before, without certificates or masks.

Most of the attendees believe that Russia must take quick steps on issues related to:

  • QR codes
  • Certificates
  • Recognition of vaccines
  • How visas will be issued
  • Tourists will be able to process electronic visas

Perspectives for the year 2022

According to the exhibition participants, this year the flow of incoming tourists to Russia will grow significantly, especially tourists from Arab and Latin American countries.

According to interviews with our representative in Spain, there is great interest in traveling to Russia from the markets of Latin American countries. In particular, Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, in addition to several European countries such as Spain and Portugal among others. From Asia, there is great interest from the Indian market in particular.

These optimistic forecasts; are reinforced by the latest requests from the W.H.O. to remove restrictions and ease entry conditions between different nations.

If you plan to travel to Russia, we recommend contacting us for better planning of your stay.

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