Kilometer Zero in Moscow

Kilometer Zero in Moscow

“Kilometer Zero in Moscow” or “Kilometer Zero of the Roads of the Russian Federation” is a commemorative sign and a popular tourist attraction located in front of the Resurrection Gates and the Iverskaya Chapel on Manezhnaya Square since 1995.

Details of Kilometer Zero in Moscow

The bronze sign symbolically marks the beginning of all Russian roads, the starting point of their distances; It is made in the form of a compass embedded in the cobblestones of the square.

In the center there is a small round patch with a compass rose (already almost worn), the number “0” and the inscription “Kilometer zero of the roads of the Russian Federation”. Around, forming an even square along the perimeter – 4 angular arrows pointing north, south, west and east.

The corners are engraved with images of animals characteristic of the fauna of the regions located in the corresponding cardinal direction; deer, snowy owl, seal in the north, dolphin, aurochs and vulture in the south, bison, grouse and eel in the west, tiger, toucan and cobra in the east.

The square sign is inscribed in a bronze circle which, in turn, is enclosed in a square of large black tiles.

Real location of kilometer zero in Moscow

The reality is that the zero kilometer sign only conditionally symbolizes it, and the real zero kilometer is located in a completely different place – in the Central Telegraph building at the corner of Tverskaya Street and Gazette Lane.

In fact, this bronze representation is just a tourist attraction, installed in a convenient place.

Make a wish

Although the kilometer zero sign was installed very recently, it has already acquired its own mythology, and it has become a tradition for locals and tourists to wish on it.

It is recommended to make wishes using a special way. You need to stand in the center of the sign (some guides recommend standing on one leg), then throw a coin behind your back with your left hand over your left shoulder, but so that it does not fly out of the bronze circle.

The ritual has gained incredible popularity: almost every tourist who meets at the Resurrection Gate throws a coin.

History of kilometer zero in general

Zero kilometer – the point from which the distance of roads begins. The tradition of marking kilometer zero in cities has an ancient history. It is believed to date back to ancient Rome Milliarium Aureum (“Golden Milestone”) – a column installed in the center of Rome, from which all the main roads of the Roman Empire began.

In many cities around the world, kilometer zero is marked with a sign, a tombstone or even a statue. And sometimes the whole building plays the role of a billboard. In the cities of Russia, zero kilometers were usually located near the building of the main post office.

History of

Kilometer Zero in Moscow

The zero kilometer sign in Moscow is a very young attraction, it was installed only in 1995. But in fact, its history dates back to the 1980s. For the first time the idea to establish a memorial appeared in 1982, and in 1985 already began to select a place for it.

City authorities considered as many as 14 sites, including Red Square, Teatralnaya Square, at the Bell Tower of Ivan the Great, and in front of the Yuri Dolgoruky monument. However, the idea was scrapped.

In 1995, they returned to the installation of the monument, choosing a convenient place for it in the passage of the Resurrection Gate, on Manezhnaya Square.


Today, the kilometer zero sign is one of the most popular attractions in Moscow, and it’s no wonder; after all, it is located on the way to Red Square, in one of the most walkable places!

A tourist will rarely pass without paying attention to the bronze stain in the middle of the cobblestones; around which there is always a crowd with coins.

Visit Moscow with us

During our tours in Moscow we visit the Red Square and obviously kilometer zero among other places of great historical interest.

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