City of Sochi

City of Sochi

City of Sochi, to enjoy from the sea and the beach to the snowy slopes at the peak of the high mountains.

About the city of Sochi?

Sochi is a tourist town, located on the Black Sea coast in a tourist area that stretches along 145 km of coastline, from the village of Magri to the border with Abkhazia. 

Tourists visit the city at any time of the year, in summer they find warm sea, beaches, sun and subtropical plants and in winter they can see how near the sea there are still green plants and warm weather, but a little higher in the mountain there is a lot of snow and people enjoy practicing skiing and all variants of winter sports.

Who do we recommend to travel to Sochi?

We recommend traveling to this wonderful coastal city to everyone, but Sochi and its surroundings are a paradise for lovers of outdoor activities and lots of nature.

Lovers of water activities will find a large sports city, skating rinks, several large water parks with different slides and water entertainment centers.

For nature lovers, in the picturesque foothills of the Caucasus you will find routes to enjoy on foot or on horseback, of varying difficulty and duration, rafting on the Mzymta River, rock climbing and canyoning in the mountain valleys.

Sightseeing bus tours of Abkhazia, Krasnaya Polyana, Akhshtyrskaya and Vorontsovskaya caves and waterfalls are very recommended and always available.

In winter, it is recommended to enjoy skiing on the slopes of the Caucasus mountains, very moderna facilities with slopes for all levels.

For lovers of the sea and beaches, you will find in the different localities of the city of Sochi various delicacies for all tastes, with warm sea waters and pleasant views and atmosphere. 

Beaches and summer infrastructure

In addition to all the above, in Sochi have been prepared or conditioned 130 beaches with complete infrastructure, we refer to sunbeds, umbrellas, showers, bathrooms, shops, restaurants, rental offices of sports equipment, comfortable dressing rooms and everything the visitors may need on a beach.

For lovers of wild beaches, in Sochi there are also many small beaches of this type, where most seekers of quiet and secluded recreation can rest, small subtropical paradises in Russia.

Almost all beaches are pebbles and only in some places there are sandy areas, as an example a loose sand beach was created in Imeretinskaya Bay; with a capacity of up to 900 people.

What can you visit in Sochi and around?

For adults and especially for children, it is highly recommended to visit aquariums and zoos. In the largest oceanarium in the city; visitor can see more than 4 thousand species of marine life and about 200 species of representatives of freshwater fauna.

The marine park-dolphinarium offers exciting shows with dolphins, beluga whales, sea lions and sea lions.

The musical fountains with jets that dance to the sound of music is one of the attractions of the city and especially in the outbound evenings and summer nights, especially the music fountain “dancing” in the Olympic Park, consists of 264 individual sources and the jet central water rises to a height of 70 m.

Museums in Sochi

Another recommended visit is to the Sochi History Museum, which contains unique artifacts found during archaeological excavations; where you can learn about the animals living in the surroundings, as well as about Soviet and Russian cosmonauts.

In addition, the museum dedicated to the development of sport in the city and the achievements of local athletes is of great interest; where much of the exhibition is dedicated to the 2014 Olympic and Paralympic Games held in Sochi.

Not to be missed is a visit to the exclusive open-air museum of wildlife-the Sochi Arboretum, which is known far beyond the borders of Russia. The large collection of subtropical crops contains more than two thousand plants from around the world; each plant is accompanied by an information banner that offers all the details related to each species.

The grounds are also home to beautiful hanging bridges and many skillfully crafted wooden sculptures.

If the visitor wishes, he can climb on foot or by cable car to the upper viewpoint of the park to enjoy the magnificent views of the Black Sea coast and the panorama of the city.

We invite you to the city of Sochi

Sochi is a city of natural contrasts, southern hospitality, renewed and worthy of the level of an international resort. Here every tourist will enjoy a holiday to their liking.

In Russia, the subtropical climate is almost non-existent; it is only found in this small region; this characteristic makes this entire coast an even more attractive place for Russians and foreign tourists; with so many options that can be enjoyed and for all tastes.

We will definitely be happy to organize you an unforgettable holiday, contact us.

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